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Pre-Felt Show 2004-2006

The first first basic idea of The Felt Show start in 2004 with an idea to do a puppet music video for Grandaddy's song The Saddest Vacant Lot in All the World and getting some puppets commissioned. The music video ultimately never materialized but the show had its first 3 puppets. The next project was an anthology type show in the vain of the Twilight Zone which told stories through pieces of trash found on the street. Again several more puppets were made but pilot never came to pass. Around this time a booker at the Replay Lounge heard about the puppets and decided to have us open up for a band. Two puppeteers performed several skits in front a crowd of 15 people very confused heavy metal fans there to see the band Stinking Lizaveta. 

Birth of the Felt Show
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