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Who is this show for primarily? Who would enjoy it the most? 


The Felt Show is a puppet troupe that specializes in humor that is definitely not for children or the Sunday school crowd, unless that Sunday school just happens to be on Sunday and wants to teach people to be inclusive and open-minded. The Felt Show is for the geeks and nerds that grew up with puppets and know that Weird Al covers are better than a lot of the originals.


Why would someone want to watch or attend The Felt Show? What kind of adult humor can one expect? 


People should come to The Felt Show because they want something different. Their productions are irreverently absurd, and make people question the very nature of their existence. (Got a note from Steve to tone this part down.) It’s a puppet show that knows that laughter can be helpful when things are hard. 


What makes The Felt Show different from other comedy shows? 


The Felt Show is not trying to be a sitcom or show that relies on canned laughter and stale tropes. We don’t spoon-feed our audiences - we want our audience to think about a message and decide how to feel about it themselves. Our cast is not trying to play to the lowest common denominator. Sorry for bringing up math terms/quadratic formulas. Sorry, I am done. 


What is the history of The Felt Show? 


The Felt Show started off by playing in Midwestern bars in front of rowdy, confused drunks that were there to see their friend’s band. Over the years, the troupe shifted from doing short, unrelated skits and talent shows to making longer shows that dealt with the media, religion, and the Kansas education system. They now use a mixture of music, videos, and felt to try to make sense of the crazy times we live in. 


Where is the show produced?


The Felt Show is based out of Seedco Studios in Lawrence, which is a little liberal town in Kansas. It has performed in almost every live venue in the city, including many performances at the Cider Gallery and the Jazzhaus. 


How long has it been running?

The Felt Show has been performing their comedy show from Lawrence KS for over 14 years and will be breaking into the Kansas City comedy show scene soon.


How do I learn more? 

If you want to get caught up on what The Felt Show is doing, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit! 


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Article from, 2006

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“Very interesting and also good.” -- Niko Knight Puppet Production  


“Funny and weird. I like it.”  -- Lee Maxwell  


“This is Art. So fucking funny.” -- Cris Zapot 


“I love it! <3” -- Daniel Luster  


“This reminds me of early You Tube, before click bait and attention seeking antics, crazy politics, hate mongering and repeat doomsday predictions. Excellent!” --Vim de Zim  


This is Art.So fucking funny

Funny and weird. I like it.

This reminds me of early You Tube, before click bait and attention seeking antics, crazy politics, hate mongering and repeat doomsday predictions. Excellent!

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